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At GTS, we value the unique and diverse minds united by a shared passion for innovation. Here, we celebrate every individual, encouraging an inclusive culture that thrives on collaboration.

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Dive into the core of our culture, where we enable innovations for operators, regulators and enterprises with our comprehensive suite of solutions. Other than our core operations - international Voice and SMS, we also serve in domains including anti-fraud, consent management, cloud communication, CPaaS, authentication, and beyond.


We offer premium voice quality and uninterrupted worldwide connectivity through our direct routes and interconnections.


Monetize A2P streams and secure your messaging networks. Eliminate unsolicited conversations and insure privacy.


Complete fraud prevention and management solutions with armour country gateway. Protect your enterprise effectively today.

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect achieves high ROIs and higher conversion ratios and uses virtual numbers to connect to existing PTSIN networks.

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Reach new heights with learning opportunities for steady growth within our dynamic culture. Unlock opportunities while working alongside professionals from the telecom industry.

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