Our Team
Our Team is Made Up of Creative, Passionate, and Technology-Driven Executives

Our forward thinking leadership team is made up of creative, passionate, and technology driven executives who are working hard to build the future. We possess decades of experience in the telecommunications and voice industry and have established strong footprints in Asia, Middle East, LATAM and Africa – featuring direct interconnections across 65 countries.

Our goal is to make a difference for all our stakeholders – employees, investors, subscribers, and global communities. We love working with our employees and believe in making a strong difference worldwide when it comes to improving the state of global smart communications.

Meet Our Board Advisors

Carl Roberts

Board Advisor

Carl Roberts is an experienced senior ICT executive who has excelled in multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and fast-paced sales and business management environments, holding many skills and proven track records in areas such as transformation and restructuring, M&A & Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance, Sales, and Business Development. He provides senior leadership, support, and guidance on matters related to product development and acquisition, planning, and carrier supply relationships.

Rakesh Upadhyay

Strategic Advisor

Rakesh Upadhyay is the Strategic Advisor at Globe Teleservices and is an excellent benefactor who delivers high-performance products, having worked with many telecommunications brands in the past. His extensive background in electronics engineering and defence studies makes him one of the best influencers when it comes to innovating solutions in the field of smart communications.

Arvind Bali

Board Advisor

Arvind Bali brings over 42 years of expertise in strategic guidance across Telecom, IT, Skilling, and Security & Surveillance. He has held pivotal roles, including CEO of Videocon Telecom and Connect Broadband, Global Head of Thomson Display, and CEO at TSSC. His experience spans New Business Development, International Sales, and Operations, and overseeing manufacturing operations in Mexico, the USA, Italy, Poland, and China.

Meet Our Board Members

Ashutosh Agrawal

Group CEO

Ashutosh brings an innovative approach to revenue enhancement and has successfully scaled up new telecom companies. He has extensive experience in fintech automation, universal leadership, global sales, product innovation, and business development. He has served in many critical roles in global sales, business development, product innovation, and leadership. He is an entrepreneur at heart and a true innovator when it comes to ensuring serial success in the telco and universal automation segments. Ashutosh has led several milestone projects and founded many startups, having successfully implemented various product integrations in the areas of mobile money, finance, and technology across Asia, ME, and Africa.

Anupam Pathak


Anupam Pathak is currently the director of GTS and has extensive knowledge of digital payment systems and mobile credit solutions. He has a strong background in microcredit and credit lending technologies, being adept with how fintech industries work. His excellent leadership skills, teamwork values, technological and financial acumen are what set him apart from other influencers in the industry.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Sudip Chatterjee

Chief Business Officer

Sudip is a genius in senior management and knows how to run a company well. He is the Chief Business Officer of Globe Teleservices and as the co-founder, he wears multiple hats on various occasions. When times are tough, his marketing acumen, international roaming expertise, and a strong background in electronics and telecommunications save the day.

Rajiv Singla

CEO Global Messaging

Rajiv is a young, energetic, driven, and motivated professional who does what it takes to get the brand evolving. He has done multiple stints on NLD/ILD Voice Networking, VoIP provisioning, and is an excellent team leader who leads by example. At GTS, he takes on new challenges and is responsible for forging partnerships with Tier-1 and Tier-2 global telecom carriers, including representing the brand in many international conferences.

Pallavi Kudtarkar

Executive Director

Pallavi Kudtarkar is the face of women empowerment in the telecommunications industry and talks about topics such as leadership, project management, and business development. She is strongly endorsed by industry professionals and has extensive experience in product manufacturing domains. As a leader, Pallavi is bold, takes deadlines very seriously, and brings a fresh perspective to innovation when it comes to starting and finishing projects.

Rinoo Rajesh

EVP - Global Strategic Investments & Partnership

Rinoo Rajesh is a seasoned industry professional with 24+ years of experience across various geographies with the world's leading telecommunications and networking OEMs, service providers, system integrators, large BPM providers, ISVs, and academia. He is an IIM-Bangalore alumnus, holds a master’s in Information Technology, a master’s from the Prestigious Delhi School of Economics, Digital Strategies from Columbia Business School, TOGAF, and is on the board of PMI (Pune). A strategist & an accomplished author of books & scientific papers, with a preference for early-stage startups with strong & differentiated value propositions with large market sizes and a Founder's Team with a strong focus on product market fit, profitable growth, and tech background.

Akbar Amin Ladak

Executive Vice President - MEA

Akbar has rich experience in launching and operating mobile networks across multiple geographies in Africa and is an invaluable asset to the brand since he helps in expanding its footprints. His passion towards telecom innovation and expertise in regulatory and product development impacts lives and evolves GTS.

Chris Almeida

Chief Strategic Advisor

Chris Almeida is an accomplished professional with over 37+ years of experience in sales and marketing and 15+ years in global sales in the telecommunications industry. Chris is an innovator with a track record of building businesses from the ground up and helping companies reach their truest potential by maximizing revenue growth. He has created elite sales teams and worked for top brands like Bharti, Airtel, Tata Communications, Hutchinson, Vodafone, and many more. He is presently the new Chief Strategic Advisor of Globe Teleservices and is focusing on developing the company's sales strategy for its portfolio of products.

Ashutosh Jha

Senior Vice President - Messaging

Ashutosh is a senior management professional who started his career in sales and business development which then culminated into his position in Globe Teleservices as the Senior Vice President of international messaging in business today. He specializes in planning enterprise sales, global business management, and IT and telco management. Having strong expertise with both domestic and international markets, he has a keen eye for detail and excels in providing consultancy services as well.

Rakshit Deshmukh

Senior Finance Controller

Rakshit offers finance control consultancy services at Globe Teleservices and helps the company allocate its budget and resources. He gives advice regarding investments and ensures the company’s financial well-being. Rakshit is responsible for financial and managerial planning, budgeting, financial analysis, cash flow control, communications with banks and revenue authorities, as well as business planning and evaluation of new products.