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Global Network of Direct Interconnections

Globe Teleservices offers professional, high-quality A2P SMS communication solutions to businesses. With our global coverage and efficient routing algorithms, including manual enhancements, we manage critical transactional SMS, alerts and notifications, one-time passwords, two-factor authentications, and promotional messaging for enterprises, mobile operators and international messaging aggregators on a global scale.

Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-racial teams are spread across major time zones to address the needs of our clients as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Between us, we speak English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Malay and Hindi, along with many other regional languages and dialects. A 24x7 support system and a dedicated service delivery team make sure our clients receive an optimal experience.

Significance of

More Effective Than Email

Enterprise communication over SMS is seen to have 20x more read rates and 30x more call-to-actions executed as compared to emails.

Reduce the number of undelivered messages with validated number formats. With our phone number verification services, connected to global operators over 300+, we can tell if the number is valid and active before sending messages.

A Cost Effective Solution

Get access to a platform offering global reach and connectivity for all your enterprise communication in a cost-effective manner.

Reach ported numbers as well. Even if the numbers have been ported, you reach your customers. Discover the numbers’ original and new operator with real-time HLR.

Fast Delivery of Messages

We offer low-latency direct routes with minimal hops, thereby ensuring faster delivery of messages and actions taken by end-users.

Highly - Reliable

Carrier-grade platform and optimized routing to ensure reliable delivery of all your traffic.

Messaging Services with a
Global Coverage
Cloud-based ecosystem supporting global coverage for one-way and two-way messaging with MNP look-up.
Enhanced Customer Experience
We cover multiple types of bypass and eliminate gray routes. Our A2P SMS solutions offer low latency and enhance customer interaction.
Flexible SMS
We handle all types of A2P SMS traffic and support transactional SMS, marketing campaigns, promotional messages, interactive SMS, and more.
24*7 Customer Support
Reach out to us anytime with your queries. We’re available round-the-clock, always.
Robust Platform & Simplified Integration
Simple integration to fully redundant platform with carrier-grade infrastructure.
Increased Retention Rates
We offer global two-way A2P messaging solutions to enterprises that want to connect with customers directly and improve subscriber retention rates.
Regional Regulatory Compliance
We ensure your messages meet regional regulatory compliance. Our Intelligent built-in compliance rules engine is always updated with the latest in-country regulations and operator requirements to take your hassles away.
Analytics on the Fly
Get real-time analytics instantly, including delivery reports, in-transit traffic updates, as well as latency level details so that you have an up-to-date status of all your messaging traffic.
Highly Reliable & Quick Delivery
Intelligent routing ensures your message follows the best delivery path with low latency rates, thereby ensuring fast and successful delivery of each message every time.
Grow Subscribers and Build Brand Loyalty,
with Reliable Messaging Offerings

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