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Armour Voice and SMS Firewall offers proactive fraud prevention and uses AI/ML algorithms to protect consumers and end-users against emerging threats. It safeguards enterprises from all types of voice fraud attacks in real-time and also eliminates cases like Wangari attacks, SIM farming, international outbound call frauds, and more. Besides fraud prevention, it offers unique features such as reducing time gaps between 2 calls, adjacent number checking, spam call elimination, IRSF prevention, centralized dashboard management, and revenue reconciliation and assurance, among many others.

Voice Firewall
Armour Voice Firewall Reduces Time Gaps Between Calls

Custom-built tools that configure and streamline voice networks for enterprises. Armour Voice Firewall reduces time gaps between calls, improves call distributions, and dials a number of unique destination numbers within given periods. Features such as robo calling, virtual machine fraud detection, interconnect fraud prevention, and more, keep enterprises protected. Fight against Wangari attacks, SIM farming, and track down the origin points of fraudulent voice calls to prevent impersonation attempts.

With Voice Firewall present at the core of enterprise security, companies are never taken by surprise ever again.

Fraudulent Routing
Global Title Bypasses
Illegal A2P Bypass
Incoming Malicious Bulk SMS Traffic
Armour SMS Firewall
SMS Firewall

Armour SMS Firewall secures messaging environments for businesses and keeps lines clear from spam, fake texts, and unsolicited messages. It prevents all kinds of SMS frauds such as fraudulent routing, global title bypasses, illegal A2P bypass, and incoming malicious bulk SMS traffic.

Prevent security breaches with the power of contextual analytics and automatically block fraudulent messages without lifting a finger!

Integrated Voice & SMS Firewall

Enterprises can make their communications future-ready by using the Armour integrated voice and SMS firewall solution. It is a complete package deal with offers the best security, protects mobile networks, and increases revenue. With proactive threat identification and control tools, enterprises are able to improve security, get customized reporting, and configure solutions in ways that satisfy unique business communications requirements.

Armour Monetization

Monetize high-risk destinations and areas located in remote regions. Armour Monetization allows enterprises to monetize their A2P and P2P traffic networks, generate new revenue streams, enhance customer experience, and improve minutes of usage. Transform SMS streams into new revenue opportunities and notify recipients with missed call alerts even when phones are switched off or out of reach.

Never worry about failed call attempts due to low balance on accounts and connect with subscribers better!