A2P Calls
Identifying Flash Call

Flash calls are being adopted at a large extent as an alternative to A2P messaging used for authentication, which is eating up operators’ A2P revenues heavily. Over and above this, a flash call is a missed call which never gets ‘completed’, there are zero revenues generated; only the network gets choked up.

Flash Call Solution
Flash Call Solution
with GTS

Get the best flash call solution in the industry, tested and proven across various networks and geographies! As one of the few players who can offer AI-ML-based real-time call interception technology. We offer a dynamic way of detecting and intercepting flash calls in real-time. Use our expertise and monetization services to create new revenue streams.

Our technology leverages deep analysis methods to identify the nature of call:

    • Our technology leverages deep analysis methods to detect the nature of call
    • Identify the origin and block Flash calls similar to Wangiri or Premium number fraud
    • Monetize A2P calls and enjoy powerful flash call blocking solutions. No more dropped calls, robocalls, etc!
    • Protect your subscribers from voice-related frauds like Wangiri, spam, and fake caller IDs as well.
Realized Benefits

Complete A2P Flash Call Blocking with GTS Expertise

Lowest Detection Time

Create New Revenue Stream

High Scalability with Dynamic Network Upgrades

Horizontal Scalability for Fraud Detection in Voice & SMS Domain

Flexible Business Models

Drive Monetization with Flash Call
Blocking Solution

Optimize revenues, enhance user experiences, fight fraud, and expand
your reach globally with our Flash Call Blocking solution!