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About Cloud Connect

Strong customer relationships drive a business and engaging is key to building them effectively.

Cloud Connect is an advanced smart communications solution that helps users overcome barriers in providing personalized communications and paves the way for seamless customer engagement. It’s a revolutionary product that enables advanced smart communications for hyperscalers, cloud computing platforms, and OTTs.

The product line is supported by telecom domain experts who have built long-lasting relationships with top mobile operators and CSPs spanning over a decade.

You can use Cloud Connect to set up virtual office space and telemarket efficiently to ensure high conversion ratios. Streamline your products and services with our surveys, enhance individual privacy, and authenticate effectively today.

Local Number Service (LNS)

Local Number Service is the most effective tool for multi-national companies to communicate locally in countries where they do not have a physical presence. The communications can be made more impactful by using geographical numbers to reach out to our audience present in respective cities or provinces.

Mobile Local Number Service (MLNS)

MLNS has revolutionized the way cloud communications play a role by enabling a single number for both Voice and Messaging services. This is a new offering with high demand, considering many of the use cases for cloud communications platforms are driven through SMS.

Free Call Service (FCS)

Which is more probably known as toll-free has stayed in existence for a long time. This product has served primarily as a key point of communication to clients for interacting with enterprises regarding enquires, support, etc.

Unified Communication (UC)

UC is referred to as PSTN Replacement Services. This product has launched avenues for providing local PBX services from the cloud. MNCs are the biggest beneficiaries of this product, and they can now centrally customize and scale their voice connectivity requirements across different geolocations. This ensures that the services are cost-effective, data privacy is maintained, and, above all, they get centralized billing.

Robust Network

Cloud Connect offers a redundant backbone infrastructure with PoPs in multiple continents. Our local and international connectivity supports long-term relationships with multiple operators and CSPs. With an increased uptime of 99.9%, we score very high on the CSI.


CPaaS+ is a next-gen AI-powered customer engagement platform. Its capabilities support use cases tailored to suit the communication requirements of all major industry segments. The omnichannel platform helps to enrich the communications made via virtual numbers for better engagement and revenue enhancement.


2-Way Voice

From the traditional DID service, the product has matured to enable 2-way Voice services through LNS and MLNS. This feature is an outcome of regulators and telecom operators being sensitive to the needs of the enterprises.

2-Way Messaging

This feature came along with a local CSP after understanding the significance of Messaging as a Service. It requires Long Code (MLNS), Short Code, and Sender ID for communication between enterprises and clients.

Programmable API

Our Voice and Messaging APIs are simple yet powerful enough to create ways to communicate for better engagement. This feature allows our partners to successfully manage real-time data usage and review the quality of services for their esteemed clients.

Supported Protocols
  • SMS Handled Over SMPP or HTTP
  • Voice Transport Over SIP
  • CODEC Support G.711, G.729, G.726 and More
  • HD CODEC Support G.722, G.722.2 AMR-WB
  • Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency Relay (DTMF) Support
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Use cases

Data privacy / Number Masking

In today’s world, data privacy plays a critical role, which makes number masking a pivotal solution. This solution is primarily used for cab bookings and food delivery Applications. As the booking/order gets confirmed, the application allocates a two-way virtual number for the session till the driver/delivery agent completes the service. During the session, both the customer and the driver/delivery agent communicate via a virtual number, thus safeguarding their privacy throughout session time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response is a very popular service for customer care, sales enquiry, lead generation, and surveys. These cloud numbers are generally published on websites or billboards. It is popularly used by financial institutes, telemarketing companies, and e-commerce platforms.

Campaign Management

Marketing companies use different strategies along with digital tools to grab the attention of the masses or targeted audience. One of the most creative approaches in marketing campaigns is combining content marketing, virtual numbers, and call tracking technology, all of which are included with our campaign management solution.


This being a highly manpower-intensive industry, many business houses in developed countries outsource their BPO services to progressive countries like India, Vietnam, Colombia, etc. The BPOs are assigned Cloud numbers which generally are the customer care numbers of the business house. The clients of the business house can reach the agent through the customer care number. Also, these numbers are used by the agent to call the clients to solve their grievances.

Use cases

Advertising and Promotion

Target audiences can read and respond to messages at their convenience. With the introduction of Conversational Messaging by Cloud Connect, responses are automatically captured, thus ensuring better engagement.


Almost every app in the modern world needs to authenticate clients and services. The enterprise would use a dedicated sender ID or a short code to send the authentication message for activating the service. Cloud Connect numbers supports two-factor authentication (2FA) as a foolproof authentication solution.

Binary Messaging

Device registration service is a mandatory requirement of many regulators and government departments. This registration is instrumental towards tracking devices in case of theft or issues related to national security. Operating systems like Android and iOS use virtual numbers to send binary messages for authentication and activation of devices.

Survey and Feedback

Surveys have been used for years to better understand customer sentiments, what they want, and how they perceive the overall experience. As customer expectations grow, there is no better way than to ask them to learn what’s most relevant. Timely feedback helps to improve your products and services. It ensures that your offerings live up to their advertised features and qualities.