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Smart Voice Communications for Your Business

Voice Solutions provides access to top-notch international routes and hassle-free interconnects to telecom operators around the world.

Our international voice solutions integrate with multiple channels, centralize customer communications, and help you make calls anywhere in the world, boasting a worldwide presence. GTS also enables clients to maximize quality, productivity, profitability, and responsiveness by offering origin-based routing services, A handling, and anti-fraud voice solutions for the best and most secure business communications.

Manage Risks

Real-time call monitoring and anti-fraud checks

Boost Business

Cost and QoS analysis

Network Traffic Intelligence

Advance BI tools

Our Competitive Advantage
Cost Effective

We offer the best derived rates to our premium customers and help them make affordable international calls without compromising on call quality or performance.

Dynamic Routing

We offer origin-based routing. number handling, and Low-Cost Best Quality Routing (LCBQR) services to both retailers and operators.

Global Presence

With over 87+ direct interconnects with telecom operators globally, we have a strong presence in international markets like Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

Low Latency

Our international coverage offers low latency for voice calls. You can connect with us on all of our 4 PoPs in LA, LV, UK and Nigeria and launch custom voice marketing campaigns.

Fraud Prevention

Get real-time analytics about your traffic and stay protected against fraudulent phone calls, interconnect scams, and international outbound attempts. Our signature AI-ML algorithms detect fraudulent traffic activities in real-time using pattern analysis and use intelligent profiling techniques.

24*7 NOC Support

Our customer support team is always available and happy to be at your service. You can connect to our 24/7 NOC support anytime.

Operators & Resellers
Smart Voice Communications for Operators & Resellers

Creating Seamless Unparalleled Conversations is at the Heart of What We Do

For Operators

We help you improve your brand’s business reputation. Our reliable international voice solutions greatly increase your revenue and attract new opportunities. We offer the best high-quality international routes, global coverage, direct interconnects, and competitive rates to retail operators.

For Retailers

We offer omnichannel communications and help you enhance customer experiences to build long-lasting and sustainable relationships. Our reliable voice solutions allow you to keep up with their on-demand requirements and redirect calls to the appropriate agents with intelligent IVR. Resolve issues faster, impress clients, and improve customer loyalty rates today.

Why Us
Why Choose Us?

We help you build high-quality relations with your customers and deliver A1 customer experience with enhanced call quality. Through global partnerships and dynamic international routes, we cover all your voice communication requirements.

Benefits of integrated Voice platform-Impulse :

    • Advanced interoperability
    • Map out the best traffic routes
    • Unified routing, advanced forecasting, and in-depth analytics
    • Affordable and cost-effective intercarrier fees
    • Live quality assurance
    • Intelligent anti-fraud solutions
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Our voice solution takes just minutes to set up and get you started.