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More than 47% of organizations experience a Voice or SMS fraud attack every year and face serious shortcomings when it comes to their data security. Social engineering threats are becoming increasingly prevalent which is why companies are dialing down on their smart communications strategy.

We have developed a strong fraud detection solution for enterprises which addresses these concerns and keeps your voice channel and messaging environments secure. With our state-of-the-art fraud detection and analytics, businesses can protect their network subscribers, track frauds, and eliminate threats.

Key Features
Voice Fraud Detection

Users can validate numbers, route calls to the right agents, and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive contacts with our intelligent Voice Fraud Detection. We use the power of AI and Machine Learning to detect network subscribers in real-time and give up-to-date information about their activities.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Our voice fraud detection solution ensures that your business is compliant with the latest state laws and regulations. Enjoy seamless collaborations and stop unauthorized call interceptions.

Verify Individuals

You can validate phone numbers behind every interaction. Find out who you are talking to, pinpoint the source of origin traffic, and determine if it’s a genuine caller. Our voice fraud solution tool increases security while improving ease of access for customers who are trying to reach you.

Beat The Hackers

Businesses lose thousands of dollars due to mobile device hacking, and phone companies fail to protect themselves against communication threats. Fraud Detection AI Tool detects voice fraud by monitoring dialed calls and looking for unauthorized numbers, including voicemail passwords that are being changed or are too easy to guess. Our algorithms log events also prevent PABX fraud, and resolve customer disputes quickly

Eliminate Gray Routes

Stop illegal bypasses & SIM farming, eliminate gray routes, and protect your environments. Validate interconnect traffic and identify potential sources of revenue leakage by uncovering malicious network activities.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Analyze customer behaviors on networks and find out who you are engaging with. You can boost your brand image and improve customer satisfaction rates by guaranteeing the safety of customer data privacy, thus improving customer loyalty.

Interactive Dashboards and Social Media Analytics

Take advantage of the multi-level dashboards and social media analytics feature. Our fraud detection analyzes all your social media channels, and online forums, and provides comprehensive reporting. You can also collect unique insights for your business strategy and address them.

Key Features
SMS Fraud Detection

Millions of users are exposed to spam messages, fake alerts, and fraudulent campaigns. Our SMS Fraud Detection toolkit monitors illicit traffic and provides proactive protection for enterprises based on customizable messaging parameters.

You can reduce the cost of ownership and monetize A2P SMS streams as well with Armour's AI-based Fraud Detection Technology Solution.

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