Acadian Technologies VSPAGY Receives Strategic Investment From Globe Teleservices to Accelerate Technology Innovation With Next-Gen Intelligence Technology

Tuesday, July 5, 2022, New Delhi, India: Acadian Technologies, a disruptive, award-winning AI-powered marketing solution company, today announced, it has received strategic investment from Globe Teleservices Pte Ltd (GTS), a Singapore-based leading Global Voice, Messaging & Managed service provider. Globe Teleservices (GTS) helps build businesses by providing top-notch, new-age telecom solutions across the globe The new capital will support Acadian’s product development and go-to-market strategy of Vspagy, which is a conversational video messaging platform to accelerate innovation in synthetic marketing via Videos, Conversational Video messaging bots, AI-based content recommendations and strengthening video production capabilities.

Acadian has achieved 300% YOY revenue growth in the last 3 years and is expected to grow by 300+% CAGR for next 3 years.

Vspagy personalized and interactive videos provide an engaging and immersive user experience that brands have been quick to recognize. Customers can even input their data, right in the videos to instantly interact with the brands. This enriches brands’ customer experience (CX), making the voice of the customer (VoC) actionable in real-time.

Vspagy videos can be used across the customer life cycle from acquisition to retention.

More than 60 leading brands have adopted Vspagy videos and are reaping benefits in terms of enhanced customer experience, higher conversion, and increased ROI.

“With this strategic investment in vspagy, GTS will seek to grow its capacity, capabilities, and team in support of both existing and new brand partners, while continuing to increase its organic and inorganic growth to complement its enterprise arm CERF to build holistic CpaaS offerings in existing geographic footprint and capabilities.” – Ashutosh Agrawal, MD, Globe Teleservices.

“We are excited to see the company continue to make significant progress. We are making significant strides and with this collaboration, GTS will help Vspagy and CERF together to win the ever-growing customer experience and engagement domain.” – Prabhat Kumar, CEO, CERF & Director, Vspagy.

“This investment will help Vspagy to spend more on sales, marketing, and technology. It would further facilitate Vspagy to expand into the global market viz. US, Europe, and Africa where GTS has a strong presence,” adds Pankaj Saxena, CEO, Vspagy.

About Acadian Technologies

Headquartered in Noida, UP, Acadian Technology’s brand Vspagy is the nation’s leading conversational video messaging platform specializing in video production, video personalization, video interactivity, video publishing and in-depth video analytics.

About Globe Teleservices

GTS is a Singapore-based telecom conglomerate specializing in products and services in the Voice and Messaging domain, antifraud solutions. Today GTS is at the forefront to deliver supremely agile products like CPaaS and CVM to market globally.

Media Contact: Pournima Chavan

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