What Does It Take To Build Cutting-Edge Telecom Products

Over 95% of consumers consider customer service to be critical to brand loyalty and the telecommunications sector is focused on building greater connections. Consumers want greater levels of hyper-personalization, engagement, security, and instant communication when it comes to availing various telco products and services. Learn more about what it takes to build a cutting-edge business model for

The Digital Transformation Of Customer Experiences Must Start With Onboarding

74% of customers will switch to another solution if the onboarding process is complicated and the average time to onboard can take up to 100 days! Every stage of the onboarding journey is a chance to build engagement, trust, loyalty, and convert customers into long-term returning clients. Learn how digital transformation can enhance the customer experience and accelerate user journeys.

The Growing Importance Of Ucaas As Hybrid Work Becomes The Norm

Workplace culture is transforming and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is emerging as a central strategy for deploying apps, scaling enterprises, and supporting work from home productivity. Organizations are helping employees manage seamless collaboration, reducing costs, and promoting flexibility. Learn how UCaaS is revolutionizing the future of work here.

The New Age Of Consent-Based Marketing

Consent-based marketing is an effective way to reach 90% of your target audience without violating their privacy. Collecting consent before sending promotions shows that you care about your clients and are not intrusive as a business. 70% of consumers also want businesses to ask for their permission before being marketed ads or having to share their personal details. Consent builds on engagement. Learn how you can take advantage of consent-based marketing today.

5 Sectors In Africa Seeing A TelecomLed Transformation

Africa is opening a variety of business opportunities in the telecom sectors and boasts of the fastest growing mobile market in the world. There are over 82 million smartphone users in the continent and mobile communications is having a significant impact on the economy and its overall growth. Read more about which industry sectors are being influenced the most and what’s happening

How The Evolving Threat Scenario Has Made Mfa Necessary

61% of data breaches are accounted for a lack of poor security credentials and no proper authentication. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) takes a layered approach to protecting systems, standardizes robust security policies, and is becoming nonnegotiable when it comes to dealing with cybersecurity threats. Learn the ABCs today and find out how the threat landscape is changing.

Building Relationships With Customers Across Channels

An omnichannels customer engagement strategy can help you retain up to 89% of your customers. Consumers prefer interacting with businesses from different sources and want a seamless user journey. Omnichannels communications can boost response times, serve across different touch points and devices, and do more.

The Various Aspects A Call Anti-Fraud Solution Must Cover

Getting conned over a phone call is relatively easy as hackers become experts at impersonation. Social engineering is prevalent nowadays and attackers target not just the technology but the people behind it. PBX hacking and grey calls are common frauds, and AI/ML is being integrated with voice communications technology and

Business Messaging – Trends, Threats, And Opportunities

The world of business messaging is chockfull of business opportunities and there is no better time than now for businesses to grow and evolve. The Future of Mobile is about interacting with customers, satisfying their requirements, and protecting their privacy. Let’s take a look at the top business messaging trends, including how enterprises can take advantage of them for 2022 and beyond.

Do Telecom Companies Have A Customer Experience Problem

Telecom companies are facing increasing competition and having a tough time migrating from legacy infrastructures. Customer experience challenges are flooding the industry and there is ongoing demand for higher-speed networks. Learn how the smart communications is changing and what it means for regulatory and legislative frameworks.