International Toll Free Service (ITFS)

ITFS enables you to have a single unique number at an international location. As the name suggests, the caller (your customer) from that country can reach you on ITFS, free of charge. International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) allows you to set up a local presence on an international scale. You can support international customers and employees without the added expense of setting up local offices. ITFS also allows you to support your employees with toll-free access to your offices, your LAN, and voice mail. The incoming calls to ITFS can be routed to a single or multiple destinations as per your requirements
Research shows that advertisements featuring an ITFS number receive up to 20% higher response rates than those without an ITFS number.  Whether you have customers calling from the United States, Europe, Asia or South America, GTS provides the best combination of great quality, customer support and inexpensive pricing.

Key Benefits

  • 1. Worldwide access coverage
  • 2. High quality call services
  • 3. Competitive rates

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

DID is a telecommunication service offered by GTS that allows an outside caller to connect directly to an inside extension of an office without the help of an attendant or operator. DID allows the multiple lines to be connected to the PBX all at once without requiring each to have a physical line connecting to the PBX.
GTS can establish your local phone numbers using voice over IP (VoIP) and configure them to ring to your PBX, landline phone or mobile phone – anywhere in the world. Customers like doing business with companies in their own region and are seven times more likely to call a local number than an international one.  A local phone number from GTS helps project the image of a company that is part of the local business community.

Premium Numbers

Premium-rate telephone numbers are telephone numbers for telephone calls during which certain services are provided, and for which prices higher than normal are charged. Unlike a normal call, part of the call charge is paid to the service provider, thus enabling businesses to be funded via the calls. While the billing is different, calls are usually routed the same way they are for a toll-free telephone number, being anywhere despite the area code used. These telephone numbers are usually allocated from a national telephone numbering plan in such a way that they are easily distinguished from other numbers.

Examples include:

  • 1.Competitions
  • 2.TV voting (for example, The X Factor)
  • 3.Sports alerts (for example, goal alerts)
  • 4.Weather forecasts
  • 5.Ringtones and wallpapers
  • 6.Quiz television services
  • 7.Chatline services
  • 8.Donations to charities
  • 9.Mobile subscription costs (where there is a recurring cost)
  • 10.Games
  • 11.Horoscopes
  • 12.Psychics or other entertainment services
  • 13.Sexual entertainment services
  • 14.Business information (e.g. some technical support lines)

IVR Solution

Historically, interactive voice response (IVR) solutions have used pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses. Modern IVR solutions also enable input and responses to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition. IVR solutions enable users to retrieve information including bank balances, flight schedules, product details, order status, movie show times, and more from any telephone. Additionally, IVR solutions are increasingly used to place outbound calls to deliver or gather information for appointments, past due bills, and other time critical events and activities. IVR platforms at a minimum provide the ability to play and record prompts and gather touch-tone input.

Why you should use SIP Mobile Dialer?

  • SIP Mobile Dialer is Easy to use
  • No charge for busy or engaged calls.
  • Improved features at low cost
  • Cost saving on roaming
  • Works on 3G, 4G, WiFi