Consulting Services

Globe Teleservices provides telecom consulting and design to global telecom operators. We provide innovative solutions to existing VAS services, drive new business and revenue streams. We provide the implementation and integration Support and maintenance, Audit and re- engineering. The solutions thereby range from piecemeal services to end-to-end integrated IT infrastructure management and Partnership for technology solutions. One can leverage the experience in providing leading business applications that can help reduce time-to-market, boost customer satisfaction, reduce risk and upfront infrastructure costs.
Our global experience and strategic view of telecom and network can help you decide on choice of technology and solution. Before investing in your global enterprise connectivity options, use our experience to reduce your risk. We not only help you make the right choice of technology and solution but also help you implement them across multiple geographies and cultures, dealing with 100s of service providers.

MVNO Setup

At GTS we help you with everything you need to get started with MVNO and succeed. After performing the feasibility study we move forward by developing a full blown business case for extending your brand into the mobile business.
Our customer experience planning is there to ensure that your brand lives at the centre of your customer's telecoms future. Also the next step of proposition development, the foundation of your operational plan.
Negotiating with network operators can seem daunting; we've travelled this road and know that our experience will be an invaluable asset at this point. You'll find that since we've designed, built and launched MVNOs, the term due diligence is more than legal, we know that the very foundations of our base line contracts and other key documentation is thoroughly watertight and robust.
Our programme management capability is as you would expect – fully tried and tested in the field. Couple this capability with our incisive business and market intelligence solutions and you've covered all the angles. We complete our offering with marketing and sales and distribution services as a part of this holistic package that has everything you'll need to set up a successful MVNO.