Our Services

Cloud Telephony – Today you don't need to install different PBX Systems in your offices. You can have one integrated PBX that will connect all your offices. Our PBX provides following benefits to your business:

Better Productivity

● Follow Me Feature

Stay connected during Office and Non-office hours. The phone calls can be forwarded to any number. So, you may forward your Office Number to your mobile when you are leaving office or to your home number when you reach home. The forwarding can also be conditional (after 4 rings, if busy, if unavailable etc.).

● Allow Roaming extensions and Hot desking

Allowing employees to sit at any desk and make that desk phone their own. The service can be accessed by an IP Phone, Mobile Dialer or Desktop Dialer

● Our Mobile Dialer let's you call from your mobile

When you are not in your office you may use your mobile dialer to call as you would call from your mobile. It's simple, user-friendly and easy to use.

Significant savings on calls

● Internal calls free

The calls from one extension to another is free no matter where the extensions are

● Outside calls at a nominal rate

● International roaming at no extra cost

Significant cost savings for Long distance and Roaming for anyone travelling abroad

Easier to manage

● We provide Web/GUI interface for configuration.

This will allow assigning extension numbers, assigning phone numbers to extension number, setting call VM, Call forwarding etc.

● Eliminate messy phone wiring

Since these phones will run on Ethernet, you do not require separate phone cabling

● Highly scalable and flexible

Scale Phone Lines and Extensions at will.